Transmitter and Receiver


•2.4GHz ISM Band
•modulation GFSK
•Low LBOM cost
•Long distance > 50m (Line of sight)
•Broadcasting mode
•RF frequency hopping in 34 channels
•USB and analog dual audio input
•Support no audio detection function
•Programmable delay time 20ms / 55ms
(Default 55ms – otherwise need firmware upgrade)
•Audio format 16bit , 48KHz sampling rate
•Power ON/OFF pop noise reduction
•Robust Packet error correction
•Low power consumption
•No RF induced audio noise
•Ready to go reference system


•Frequency Response(Rated output at 25W/4Ω): 20Hz-20KHz
•Frequency Response(Rated output at 1W/4Ω): 20Hz-20KHz
•Dynamic Power Output(Load at 4Ω): 25W
•Dynamic Power Output(Load at 8Ω): 12W
•Dynamic Power Output(Load at 16Ω): 8W
•THD at Output Power at 50Hz(Load at 4Ω): 25W
•THD at Output Power at 1KHz(Load at 4Ω): 25W
•THD at Output Power at 20KHz(Load at 4Ω): 18W
•Distortion at rated(Rated output at 25W/4Ω): <10% •Input Sensitivity(Rated output at 25W/4Ω): 0.5V •Input Impedance: 22KΩ •S/N Ratio A-wtg S / N(Rated output at 25W/4Ω): >80dB
•Max input for Pre Amplifiers(Rated output at 25W/4Ω): 10dB
•Channel Separation(Rated output at 25W/4Ω): >50dB
•Power supply(INPUT: 120V/ 60Hz AC): DC 15V 4A
•Distance(line of sight): >35Mx 88 mm
•Weight : 1.0kg