At present, the single-channel 31band equalizer, it usually has high frequency or low frequency filter. If the effect is not obvious when it is adjusted to the high-frequency or low-frequency. Please inspect the working status of HIGH PASS or LOW PASS. Normally, HIGH adjusts to 40KHz, LOW adjusted adjusts to 10Hz with diferent adjustment position, so the frequency of the filter CUT will be different. It will appear to adjustment the effect is not obvious and the sound is not good.

It is popular for using dual-channel 15 band and single- channel 31band equalizer, the machine has 6dB and 12dB to selection on or adjustment. But general condition, we adjust to the12dB better. Found it upgrades or attenuation is not obvious, it maybe open 6db, or please select the 12dB status again.

Explanation: Hum: Refers to the sense of a low voice in listening, monotonous and stable with 50-100 Hz hum. Crackle: It is intermittent “Snap” ,”Kaka” sound. Induced noise: it is a complicated components and shrill hum. White noise: It is the continuous and random „rustling” sound 1)Make sure the source of noise: Judgment the source of noise comes from pre-amp or amp. Take down the signal’s connection plug step by step from the signal source. If noise is significantly reduced or disappeared, that could be judged the noise source. 2). Identification of the noise sources, should be recognized if between the power supply and grid grounding are well, the cabinet and the ground are good, the cable plug is good contacted with the machine, and between the connection wire’ Signal Shielding ground is good. After exclude the factors above, it could be judged the generating noise and need repair by professional maintenance person.

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